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CD "Magic"

This is the cover graphic of our CD "Magic" which was released as a remix in 1997.

(Designed by Gerd Bauer)

This CD (JJ97204) may be obtained from Jones'n'Jones Records, Jörg Völker, Ludwigshöhe 10, D-96129 Amlingstadt, Germany, or by writing to Waldi Bauer (address given on homepage)

Here you can listen to the soundtracks of this CD (.wav files; to save download time in mono, 4 kHz bandwidth, 8 bit; of course, this is far from CD quality).

Talk with the Wind (1119 kb)

Magic (1272 kb)

Cervesa (884 kb)

I Cannot End That Love (1008 kb)

September Night (608 kb)

Blind Enough (976 kb)

Song for Moni (1003 kb)

Home Again (820 kb)

Music's in Me (940 kb)

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November 24, 2013